i3B Café

A bi-monthly event for participants with a serious program (presentations and demonstrations) followed by an informal meet up. Previous presentations are archived and can be downloaded here.

Details on the next i3B Café:

December 12, 2014

Starting time
17:00 hours


 NEW ADRESS:    Universiteit Twente,  Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede, Building The Horst (gebouw 20), Parkeren P2, Kamer Z203

Bernard de Geus

Breed4Food is an initiative of four Netherlands-based animal breeding companies (TOPIGS, CRV, Hendrix Genetics and Cobb Europe), prominent global players in animal breeding. Dutch animal breeders, associated in Breed4Food, generate an annual turnover of 600 million Euro and invest 60 million Euro annually in R&D. The Breed4Food companies are dedicated to be the world leading research consortium in animal breeding and genetics, enabling the partners to breed better products to benefit society’s needs.  
Bernard de Geus, Managing Director of Breed4Food will introduce Breed4Food and will elaborate on the importance of the i3B foundation to B4F.

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