Levels of participation

Organizations can be involved in i3B in the following manner:

  • SMEs that satisfy the profile can become a participant of the i3B Foundation. There are three levels of participation with associated packages of benefits (see below)
  • Knowledge institutes (universities, universities of applied sciences, research & technology organizations) can also become participants in the i3B Foundation. Individualized agreements will be concluded with them.
  • Large companies can enter into a partnership with i3B Foundation or one of its limited companies (BVs), either in the context of a specific project or in the form of an umbrella agreement for purchasing certain services over a given period of time.

The three levels of participation, available to SMEs, are: bronze, silver and gold. For each level the associated benefits are stated.

Bronze level

  • Right to use i3B logo in corporate communications
  • Company logo placed on i3B digital and printed media
  • Company news published on i3B website and other media
  • Invitation to bi-monthly i3B CafĂ© Read more
  • Invitation to i3B technical seminars and scientific events Read more
  • Invitation to science and technology missions
  • Subscription to i3B newsletter Read more
  • Shortlisted for commercial contracts
  • Shortlisted for subsidized projects
  • Input in annual research program

Silver level
Same as Bronze, plus:

  • Use of i3B Lab (human, animal) for product demonstration (showroom), exposure to visitors
  • Receive sales leads from i3B Lab
  • Invite customers to i3B Lab
  • Use of i3B Lab facilities for sessions with customers and prospects
  • Exhibition space in joint booth at a reduced rate
  • Free access to training courses
  • Free access to Measuring Behavior conference (2 persons)
  • Free access to i3B E-science Lab (data repository)
  • Free access to business development consultancy (8 hours/year)

Gold level
Same as Silver, plus:

  • Free use of fully equipped workspace (desk, computer) for students (2 person-months/year)
  • Free use of usability lab (5 days/year)
  • Free exhibition booth at Measuring Behavior conference - Read more...
  • Assistance with product certification (8 hours/year)
  • Assistance with product localization (8 hours/year)