At Orikami we believe organizations are underutilizing data. We help clients discover hidden patterns in data and capitalize on these insights. To rapidly unlock value with data science you need a well-trained team. Our small and focused team of architects, developers, data scientists and DevOps specialists provides unparalleled quality. Our people have extensive experience with enterprise scale (big) data platforms and are up-to-date with the latest algorithms.


Data is the new oil: crude oil cannot be used, unrefined data is meaningless. Data products are a result of a process of refining data. We build data products and tailor them to your specific needs. Delivering a usable, well-embedded data product is our core business.


  • Diverse team: Our data lab gives you the opportunity to have the power of multiple well-trained experts at your disposal.
  • Supercomputer: not every organization has the right hardware in-house to calculate relevant indicators. Our data lab includes different computer clusters, supercomputers and GPU swarms.
  • Knowledge sharing: We make sure that every step in the analysis is reproducible, shareable and documented in lab journals. 



Ridderstraat 27
6511 TM
Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
Website: www.orikami.nl